Historical Music CDs

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Click on individual titles below to purchase CD recordings by the Neumans on the Pandourion label. You can see information about the group, track titles and completing an order.  Click here for North Pacific Music’s website.

AncientGreeks1Music of the Ancient Greeks
Surviving music in ancient Greek notation c. 500 BCE to 300 CE, sung and played on lyra, kithara, aulos, syrinx monokalamos, psithyra, kymbala, photinx, and other ancient instruments

AncientSumerians1Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks
The world’s oldest surviving music in ancient Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek notation c. 1950 BCE to 300 CE, sung and played on lyre, long-necked lute, kithara, reedpipes, barrel drum, clappers, bells, conch, and many others

FrenchMusic14th2French Music of the 14th Century: Machaut and the Following Generation
Music of the French Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior sung and played on vielles, portative organ, recorders, douçaines, tromba marina, slide trumpet, nakers, gemshorns, and bagpipe

Carnevale2Carnevale: Carnival Songs, Frottole and Dances from 16th century Italy
Ensemble De Organographia and The Oregon Renaissance Band. Music sung and played on sackbutts, recorders, schreierpfeiffen, shawm, rebec, violin, cittern, racketts, curtal, carnival whistle, harp, cornamuse, and percussion

Nowmakewejoye1Now make we joye: Renaissance Christmas and other Celebratory Music
Ensemble De Organographia and The Oregon Renaissance Band.  15th, 16th and 17th century music sung and played on early violin, violas da gamba, recorders, sackbutts, shawms, spinettino, racketts, tartold, douçaine, krummhorns, and other period instruments

OneHorseOpen1The One Horse Open Sleigh: 19th century Christmas Music
Carols in their original forms including the surprising 1852 version of “Jingle Bells” sung and played on violin, flageolets, harp, piano, fluegelhorn, tenor horn, trombones, tuba, czakan, English guitar, clarinet, ballad horn, and others

RagtimeNow1Everything is Ragtime Now: Rarely heard rags
Allan Martin, piano – with Gayle Neuman, voice, tenor horn, trombone, and banjo, and Phil Neuman, cornet, alto and tenor horns, tuba, recorders, and ocarinas

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