Click here for early music classes at the Community Music Center – scroll to current catalog and look for our classes:

  • Renaissance Song
  • Recorder Level 1
  • Recorder Level 2
  • Recorder Level 3
  • Advanced Recorder
  • Renaissance Winds
  • Loud Band
  • Collegium Musicum

Click here for the Early Music Guild of Oregon site

Click here for North Pacific Music to purchase our recordings on the Pandourion label:

  • Music of the Ancient Greeks
  • Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks
  • French Music of the 14th Century: Machaut & the Following Generation
  • Carnevale: Carnival Songs, Frottole, Dances from the Italian Renaissance
  • Now make we joye: Renaissance Christmas & other Celebratory Music
  • The One Horse Open Sleigh: 19th century Christmas Music
  • Everything is Ragtime Now: Rare rags with Allan Martin, piano, & friends

Click here for The Trail Band website



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