Purchase Information for the following items is available on this site:

Historical Music CDs

Click here for North Pacific Music’s website to purchase the Neumans’ CD recordings on the Pandourion label. Click Historical Music CDs to see the list of individual titles and also to link to the order site.

Historical Instruments

Click Instrument Building to see the types of instruments, or click Historical Instruments for ordering information.


Editions of renaissance music for reed and other instruments are available for purchase. Click Music to see more information.

Now available: Sonnets and Chansons vol. 1 and vol.2 (1592/1610) for two voices or instruments by Belgian composer Jean de Castro, edited by Phil Neuman: $15 each plus postage.  Write to for ordering details.  The edition is spiral bound to lie flat, the notes and staves are fairly large and easy to read, and there are no mid-piece page turns.

Also now available: Columbia Passage for Recorder Orchestra by Phil Neuman, an exciting 12 minute work commissioned by the Portland Recorder Society.

This piece tumbles down from northern climates to the Pacific Ocean with energy and splashing among all the parts along the way. Although it begins and ends with the same theme, the musical phrase has evolved by the time it hits the mouth of the river. In between are melodies and rhythms that bounce between the parts, making each a joy to play. Sly moments of hitting rocks with accidentals as well as an eddy or two occur. There is not a dull moment in the passage of the mighty Columbia River in this piece!”  Susy Wilcox

At the 2018 Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat, I was excited to perform the world premiere of “Columbia Passage,” composed and directed by the esteemed Phil Neuman. How thrilled I was when he asked me to play the soprano solo! A lovely piece, evoking past and present essences of the mighty Columbia.”  Patty Zurflieh

I really cannot say enough good stuff about Columbia Passage. Not only does it sing with beautiful melodies and challenging rhythms, it plays perfectly on recorders. Phil Neuman understands the ranges of recorders and uses that to weave the sights and sounds of the beloved Columbia Gorge and Oregon’s rich history. A perfect and must have for any recorder orchestra wanting a worthwhile challenge with extraordinary musical payoff.” Laura Kuhlman

Columbia Passage is a wonderful piece that offers something for every voice. The melody weaves its way through several genres seamlessly including a fugue, as a traditional folk tune, ragtime, and jazz. It is fun play and the melody stays with you after the piece is done (the sign of a great tune). When we played Columbia Passage at its debut at the PRS Early Music Workshop held at Menucha on the Columbia Gorge, there was a rousing round of applause at the conclusion of the piece by all 55 participants. Everyone loved it, from sopranos to contrabasses. It was an instant hit! This piece is fun for audiences as well due to the changes in tempo, genre, syncopation, and the charm of the melody itself. 5 stars for Columbia Passage!”  Debbie McMeel


Gayle Neuman wrote a step-by-step set of instructions for making reeds for many renaissance double reeds instruments.  This reed making booklet is available for purchase for $10 plus postage. Click Books to see more information.

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